Take control of your addiction

appstAIner is a powerful application that uses the world’s most effective addiction relapse risk prediction technology – RISK (R) *. Many years of scientific research, expert knowledge and the use of artificial intelligence, allow our app to tell which of your behaviors increase the risk of a slip-up and what you can do to avoid it.

Every day can be a fantastic adventure!



How it works

The human brain is fascinating, but it has some serious limitations. One of them is the small working memory capacity and the ability to focus on just a few things at a time.

This means that when, for example, we feel strong emotions, we look for their causes in our environment (e.g. irritating behavior of a colleague), or things that are easy to remember (e.g. unpleasant commentary of the boss during a previous meeting). However, often the causes of our internal states are more complex. For example, we can feel angry because we have not been sleeping well for several days, and additionally today we have a feeling of time pressure from the morning and we have not had breakfast. Similarly, in the case of relapse, which consists of many factors that accumulate over the days.


RISK ®* technology uses data collected from tens of thousands of people with various addictions to substances and behaviors. Thanks to these data, artificial intelligence was able to detect hundreds of patterns of behavior leading to mishaps or building solid sobriety. Using the appstAIner every day you give yourself a moment of attention (about a minute and a half) during which you observe what is happening to you by answering a few questions.

The addiction meter analyzes these responses on an ongoing basis and assesses how the risk of relapse changes and how to help you consolidate your sobriety by adding effective suggestions on what you can do today.

* Technology is protected by US patent